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The world we’ve found ourselves in is fast-paced, opening up space for stiff competition amongst companies in all industries. To be at the top of the chain in any given niche, companies need tools that can give them an edge over their rivals. Gone are the days when teams go through the enormous stress of trying to work together on a particular activity or creating schedules. Currently, some tools can help them save time through automation and more.

An excellent example of tools that can aid businesses in going about their duties without much stress is Slack.

Slack is an application designed for messaging that can help your company perform the following tasks:

Slack is simply a backronym (acronym later invented to fit the word) of words, and it stands for Searchable Log of All Communications and Knowledge. For partially and fully remote businesses, Slack has become an essential tool through which they can improve their workflows.

Why Slack Is Essential for a Business

In every organization, communication is crucial because teams can find it easier to carry out their operations properly. According to a 2020 report by Slack, companies utilizing it have a 32% reduction in email usage, a 23% decrease in calling meetings, and can bring products to the market 23% faster. That means Slack is essential for forward-thinking companies and leaders.

Some benefits of using Slack in your business include the following:

  • Guarantees security of communication channels
  • Integrates with many applications (over 2,400)
  • Suits any workflow

Using Slack Efficiently

Since Slack is a messaging app, it’s designed to help team members maintain organization and total synchronization. Interestingly, Slack has been providing features that can boost productivity and help improve company communication for years. Therefore, it’s important to know how to use these features to your advantage.

1. Using the Huddle Feature

Rather than sending issues to discuss with teams through text chat, the Huddle feature can help you hop on a video call and talk about the matter immediately. Slack introduced the Huddle feature so that companies don’t have to stress about switching from one video program to another. You can quickly discuss issues with teams and collaborate better with remote workers through Slack Huddles, no matter where in the world they may be located. In other words, say goodbye to long-distance charges!

2. Scheduling Messages

Slack can be used to schedule a message and also set reminders to remember in the future. You can click the three dots present beside the scheduled message and importune slack with a command of “Remind me about this.”

You can also use the calendar feature in Slack to schedule and set reminders. On the left-hand navigation pane in Slack, select the “calendar” option and create a new event. Select the “remind” option and set the reminder for that event. The reminder will be sent to you in Slack at the specified time.

3. Uploading and Downloading Docs

Since slack is a communication tool, there may be periods when you want to share files with teams on the channel.

You can upload files to Slack by:

  • Clicking the + button beside the new message box
  • Choosing a file from the computer
  • Writing a statement depicting the file and clicking upload

Also, you can download docs to Slack by:

  • Clicking on your profile picture at the top right
  • Selecting preferences from the menu
  • Clicking advanced
  • Clicking change and choosing your preference under the download location

4. Setting up Multiple Channels for Work

Slack is a communication channel that consists of multiple platforms which can be used for different purposes. You can set up various channels for work in Slack since it possesses both public and private space.

Focusing on the public space is beneficial, and you can set up channels for things like:

  • Creation of dedicated channels for projects
  • Creation of channels for announcements
  • Creation of channels for specific events (e.g., board meetings)

5. Setting Up Channels for Employee Bonding and Fun

Slack can also serve as a virtual space for organizing activities for employee bonding.

You can create the following channels on Slack to foster relationships among employees:

  • Creation of team channels for discussions and constant connection daily
  • Creation of channels where teams can look for specific help
  • Creation of virtual meeting rooms for recreational activities

6. Improving Decisions With Polls

One of the features that Slack has successfully modified to increase efficiency in businesses is the built-in poll function. Sometimes, decisions need to be taken on a particular activity, and gathering employee opinions can become stressful. You can use the built-in poll function by typing “/poll” and then giving a name to the poll. Using the poll function, everyone in your business can go through the topic and vote, providing you with the collective decision to proceed.


The goal of any business is to ensure that there’s a significant improvement in workplace efficiency to increase the rate of achieving targets. Slack is a great tool that can ensure your business operations go smoothly. However, tips like using the Huddle feature, scheduling messages, and setting up multiple channels for work, employee bonding, and fun can help you use Slack more efficiently than ever.

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