7 Sales Tips to Create More Conversions

According to a study by Rank Tracker, 78% of companies out there aren’t satisfied with their level of sales conversion. The main goal of most businesses is to create chances of attracting leads, thereby generating a more significant number of customers. Since the rate of sales conversions has become a way of monitoring business growth, it has become necessary for companies to find more unique ways to consistently convert visitors into customers.

The good news is that there are a number of sales tips that can help create more conversions. 

1. Make Use of a Clear and Sound CTA

For any market campaign that’s going to be successful, there has to be a call to action that is very brief, compelling, and straight to the point. Businesses may want their customers to take actions like signing up for a newsletter or sharing a blog post so they can keep up with news regarding their brands. However, creating a highly informative and eye-catching article will make customers take action.

You can use a strong CTA to carry out activities like:

  • Developing lists of email subscribers
  • Advertising resourceful properties
  • Promoting discounts and offers

2. Carry Out a Deep Customer Research

Business owners that see high revenue typically do extensive research about their customers. Conducting in-depth research about customers means finding the right target audience that suits a specific business.

Before deciding to go about such a process, you should consider two essential factors, namely:

  • Psychographic factors
  • Demographic factors

After considering those two factors, you can do the following to analyze the base of the target audience:

  • Analyzing texts
  • Implementing social listening
  • Using audience analysis tools

3. Apply the Use of Sms Marketing Campaigns

According to a study by Simple Texting, 51% of customers check their text box and respond to messages within 1 to 2 minutes. One of the very effective ways to create more conversions is by using an SMS marketing campaign. Whenever a business sends text messages to its customers, they receive them, and there’s no need for such a venture to worry about network issues.

Applying SMS marketing campaigns to increase the rate of conversion can be done through the following means:

  • Sending brief and precise text messages
  • Gathering feedback from customers
  • Monitoring the timing
  • Ensuring the use of branded links

4. Posting Quality and Relevant Content on the Website

A significant factor that mainly captivates the mind of customers is the availability of well-created content that’s full of excellent ideas. Since customers have to read whatever they see, ensuring that the best content is churned out should be a priority. For example, you can use storytelling rather than talking about statistics, as most people will remember stories more than figures.

You can post quality and relevant content through different forms, such as:

  • Informative videos
  • Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Ebooks

5. Use Chatbots

It’s impossible to have a team work 24 hours a day. Sometimes, guests who visit a business website may reach a person immediately. Or, maybe they’re just browsing, and when they (visitors) finally decide to take action, no one is there to respond to their inquiries or requests. Maximizing the use of artificial intelligence tools like chatbots can help teams provide quick responses.

Using a chatbot to increase conversion rates does the following in a business:

  • Provides personalized responses to each customer
  • Engages and retains customers
  • Performs split testing
  • Improves speed of attending to clients

6. Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

According to a report by Oberlo, 69% of people using the internet prefer to search for product reviews through their mobile phones. Well, most people use their phones to do almost all their activities, so having a website unsuitable for mobile devices can be dangerous to your bottom line. You must ensure that your website is mobile-friendly because if it isn’t, then guests will get tired of following up on certain content because of the site’s slow speed.

Building a mobile-friendly site can be done by:

  • Applying a responsive template
  • Increasing the speed of a website
  • Carefully editing and updating content
  • Avoiding over-usage of flash
  • Carrying out website testing on mobile devices

7. Create a Sales Funnel

According to a study by Clickfunnel, a sales funnel generates six times more sales for a business than a generic website does. Creating a sales funnel for a company through activities helps to understand the target audience and the number of consumers who will take action on purchases.

Some benefits of using sales funnel for conversion rates are as follows:

  • Converts visitors into customers
  • Optimizes rate of conversions
  • Resurrects a brand
  • Specifies and deals with the needs of customers


There are several ways to increase sales conversion rate, but it’s important to filter them based on products and target audience. It isn’t enough to follow leads; make sure they are converted, and you maintain communication. Some tips for increasing your business’ conversion rates include using a strong CTA, creating a sales funnel and maximizing AI tools.

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